Sound of the Mountain - OUT​/​IN - thirteen

from EX​/​IN (responses to Dan O’Connor’s IN​/​EX) by Tone List

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Where IN/EX crafts inhalation, exhalation, duration and silence, OUT/IN stretches and inverts Dan’s original material—the EXhale of IN/EX #13 becomes an INput to our system. Instead of acting as a declamation upon silence, the sound interacts with and modulates our feedback instrument.* Whilst the original track offers time for sounds to resonate in memory, ours offers no such respite. Crafted to remove all sense of air, room and space, feedback replaces silence. Placed next to Dan’s track, it hopes to highlight through contrast the valuable work that he has done.
* Developed at Tone List’s residency #4, for which we are extremely grateful to Dan and Tone List.





Tone List Perth, Australia

Tone List is a Perth-based label for exploratory and experimental music.

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